• March 19, 2017
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

About this class:

We are excited that you are going to be creating a lifelong memory at our Paint Your Pet Class! Please remember a few things for this class:

1. Please email us a quality individual picture of each pet.   Email to masterpiecemixersormond@gmail.com.  We recommend head shots or from the front legs up for dogs or larger animals, cats can be head-shots or full body and birds can be full body. The sooner we get the picture the more time we have to work on it so please feel free to email us as soon as you can. Send the email to masterpiecemixersormond@gmail.com.

2. Paint Your Pet is a prepay class and cancellations or no shows will be charged. Sorry, no exceptions on this.

3. ONE PET PER CANVAS. I have two adorable pups, so I understand wanting to do them both, however, it is way too difficult in the short amount of time we have to accomplish a quality painting of multiple pets.

4. Arrive early, we have your paints and pre-sketched canvas ready for you but it still gets a little hectic with everyone looking for their pets canvas and colors. Doors open 30 minutes prior to class start time.

5. You have the option of “regular” colors for your painting or “Pop Art” (which is all bright colors) for your painting please let us know by email so we can prepare the paint colors for you, also you will need to pick one color for your background.

6. Let us know when you send the picture if you would like the regular size canvas 16×20 or if you would like to upgrade to 20×24 for a extra $10

Lastly, as many of you already know this is a super fun class and the paintings turn out absolutely amazing. We are very excited to help you create a lasting memory of your furry friends. See ya at the studio!