• August 16, 2019
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Come Support Thays Franca our Hot Mama to win this amazing event!!! Get your tickets at https://www.facebook.com/events/2310985385883942/

The final showdown here. This is one event you do Not want to miss. Tell everyone you know. Find a sitter now. Take lots of Vitamin C if you’re prone to getting sick. We are bringing Vegas and Miami to Daytona.

“The supreme Art of WAR is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”- Sun Tzu You have been asking “When is the next War of Art? We have your date so set it now. The Battle of the Champions will be Aug 16th. This WoA is going to be so big we had to move venues to the Wave Terrace at the Hard Rock. The best of the best, The top 4 from the June event and the top 4 from the July event will battle one more time. This time on a much bigger stage, literally. This will be like bringing Vegas or Miami to Daytona. Lots of surprises. I will let you in on a couple. Stilt Walkers, Fire Breathers and…… Oh my! I hope you all believe me now after my last warnings that you didn’t want to miss the last one. We did not disappoint so trust me when I say, this is going to be much BIGGER.

Let’s not forget the Big reason we are doing all this though. War of Art is raising money to buy art supplies for Volusia County Schools art departments. The county of Volusia only gets $15,000 a year to buy art supplies for 66,000 students and what they can buy is limited. WoA aims to bring awareness to non-profits such as this that might get over looked or neglected because a lot of us don’t get to see the direct result. Like the title one schools that are the poorest in the county. Some of which don’t even have crayons. Could you “Imagine” going to school and not even having crayons? We couldn’t do this with out our sponsors. We are always looking for people in the communities support. All of the paintings from the previous 2 rounds (June & July) will be on display along with some pieces that were donated that will also be up for auction. Half of the proceeds from the paintings go to the artists and the other half to buy art supplies. All proceeds from the piece Perego did at the last event (see War of Arts page) and the paintings that were donated go to buy art supplies. Thank you to everyone involved and I am going to list the schools most in need and the supplies most needed.

Title One Schools (poorest in the county) Turie T Small Elementary, Palm Terrace Elementary, Holly Hill K-8, Westside Elementary, South Daytona Elementary. Middle Schools: Campbell Middle School, High School: Pine Ridge High,Supplies Needed: Crayola Crayons, Crayola Markers, Water Color Sets, Paint Brushes, Multi-Color Tissue Paper, Color Pencils, Sulphite Drawing Paper 12″x18″, Black Construction Paper 12″x18”, Multi- Colored Construction Paper, Glue Sticks, Self-Drying Clay… High School uses most of the above items as well, but they also need Sharpie Markers, Metal pencil sharpeners and kneaded erasers. We will also take supplies if you aren’t able to purchase any of the paintings or would feel more comfortable picking out the supplies.

War of Arts is leading the movement to build a sustainable cultural ecosystem through advancing high-impact partnerships between business, entrepreneurs, non-profits and the arts. As Daytona’s only organization that leverages the arts for economic vitality, WoA provides meaningful engagement opportunities with the arts to inspire the community, stimulate innovation and foster creativity. When a business partners with the arts, they strengthen the entire community. Contact us about possible partnership opportunities or if you’re interested in WoA doing an event to bring awareness to your cause or business.

We want to thank our presenting sponsors Hard Rock Hotel of Daytona Beach, Fields BMW, Imagine Daytona and Daytona Design District.